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Close Range Personal Defense - Phase 1

April 22, 2017

This course covers 'from the holster' skills critical for anyone considering a gun for self-defense. The student will have the opportunity to practice proper stance, grip, draw, trigger press and more, as well as efficient magazine changes and malfunction clearing techniques designed to keep the gun operating.

If you have, or plan to have, a concealed carry permit, this is a live-fire range class you should consider. 

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'Tactical Blind Spots'

How do you deal with your Tactical Blind Spots?

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'Don't Just Do ... Become'

We discuss the need for focused training objectives.

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'People do not rise to the occasion - they sink to their level of training.'


Close Range Personal Defense - Phase 2

May 20, 2017

This course takes Phase 1 to the next level, incorporating tactical movement to deal with the reality of a 360 degree attack. Skills and tactics such as verbalization, situational awareness, post-shooting sequence, and cognitive challenge drills will also be covered.

The student will be expected to perform while under stress, with movement, and while making basic shoot/no-shoot decisions.

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 ​Marrs Tactical Solutions, Inc. is based in Southwest Chicagoland, and is dedicated to providing quality 'from the holster' defense and firearm tactics training to law-abiding citizens. The typical student has recently received, or plans to receive, a concealed carry permit and wants to become more effective, accurate, safe, and consistent using their firearm from concealment.

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2017 Classes

It all starts with the Close Range Personal Defense (CRPD) series,  taught by  lead instructor Deane Marrs.. CRPD focuses on no-nonsense 'from the holster' pistol defense training. We also offer other courses such as Extreme Close Quarter Interactions (ECQI), Tactical Flashlight, Advanced Tactical Pistol, Home Defense Tactics, personalized instruction and more.  

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